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Product Manager

Neihu, Taipei

About the role

We're looking for someone to join our Product team to lead an agile product team for transportation and new venture business. Your team will have a direct impact on the end-to-end movement of goods and fleet management of the company. This means that the product helps facilitate the interactions between enterprise management systems and warehouse systems, as well as cultivating a network of shippers and carriers throughout the supply chain. It functions as the primary hub for executing transportation operations as well as organizing all logistical needs for a business or delivery carrier.


As a Product Manager at Ally Transport, your primary responsibility is to lead a team and help us launch innovative products: define vision and strategy, develop and execute a roadmap, prioritize and measure the success of your work, and empower other product teams at Ally Transport. You will drive projects that bring scalable tech solutions to an industry that’s long been reliant on tedious, manual processes.


You will partner with a cross functional team of business analysts, engineers, designers and field operations to build and scale our business across the industry. Your work will be pivotal to shaping the future of freight. If that sounds awesome to you then you should join our team, whether or not you have any previous experience in transportation and logistics.

What will you do

Validate assumption from both the user and business perspective. Translate the assumptions into executable plans.

  • Conduct interviews with the researcher and propose product optimization methods after usage data analysis.

  • Visit clients or partners with BD to understand business trends and client requirements.

  • Compose product requirement documents (PRD) and participate in cross team communication.

  • Manage project schedule, testing, and performance tracking post-launch.


Interact with different teams and establish effective collaboration models.


  • Discuss with R&D technical feasibility and complexity for different solutions.

  • Discuss with designers different ways of visualization regarding user behavior.

  • Internal discussion with team how products affect company finance and potential legal risks.

  • Discuss with operation team the direction of production optimization and educate how to use product.

  • Observe and participate in front line operation procedure. Periodically study actual warehouse and transport operation situation.

  • Work with development team to understand the latest market trends and pay visits to clients.

Who are you

  • Clear logic and reasoning. Able to tackle complex problems with a curious and passionate attitude towards the nature of the problem.

  • Great self expression; can clearly communicate ideas/goals/visions to other team members.

  • Empathetic. Able to understand different user scenarios and can engage in positive interaction with team members.

  • Prioritize tasks reasonably with consideration to its importance and urgency.

  • Think outside the box. Propose bold and creative ideas with ways to realize them.

Minimum qualifications

  • At least 1 year of experience as a product manager with proficient understanding of development processes (ex: scrum) and the tools needed.

Preferred qualifications

  • Have other areas of expertise outside of product management (ex: software development, psychology) to bring different perspective to the team.

  • Have a hobby you’re passionate about and continuously progress in (ex: bouldering, video games, investment, cooking).

  • Enjoy picking up on new breakthrough technologies or business models.

Recruiting process

  • First round: You will have an hour with the product and other teams of close collaboration. We want to understand your past experiences and background, as well as get to know you better.

  • Second round: You will have an hour with the product team lead. We want to understand your thought process, your self-expression skill, and your ability to solve problems creatively through the questions we ask. We’ll also discuss your expectations regarding this role.

  • Final round: You will have an hour with the general manager. We want to understand your personality traits and how the company can help your grow career-wise. We also want to help you establish the right expectation for this role through talking to the general manager directly.


If you have the curiosity, passion, collaborative spirit, and a dare-to-change mindset, work with us, and let's simplify the movement of goods, together. Please send your resume to

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